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Trollbeads Spring Collection

We are proud to announce the launch of a collection that takes you to exotic places and brings you a taste of mystery. Explore Arabian Nights and Hanging Gardens.

Trollbeads Spring Collection is inspired by the richness of an ancient culture – the mystery, the heat and the heart od Aladdin’s Arabia.  The dromedary elegantly placed on a shimmering pink glass bead. The snake is also present as a powerful symbol in many cultures. Above all, flies the Falcon. One is flying in Sterling Silver, sending a message of love. The other with beautiful eyes that see things humans cannot, also in Sterling Silver and placed on a deep purple ruby. Inspired by the hot wind Scirocco, that blows from Northern Africa, carrying sand from the Sahara, these sparkling glassbeads came to life. A little magic by nature..

Hanging Gardens
The Hanging Gardens of Babylon are considered one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World and are surrounded by mystery and legends. A luxuriant inspiration for their Spring Collection.
Sparkles in delicate turquoise in the Ancient Palace, glitter in royal blue in the Fountain of Life and shimmer elusive, fresh green in the Oasis. The new lock Sun Moon Stars reminds you that life goes on as a glimpse of time under the great elements of the universe.