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Inouitoosh Scarves

Imagine a brand whose essence is to share with us its love of materials and to allow everybody to access to the beauty of a unical knowledge.
Then, imagine two women, two friends, two destinies, two personnalities, gathered by one desire, creating in another way.
Far from the madness of the great capitals, Lise and Mathilde imagine and draw the collections. They create together the brand which all of us were dreaming in the secret : INOUI.
In their worshops from La Baie de Somme, they find the prints’ inspiration and the news of each season.
Their love of natural materials and their requirement for the respect of milenary manufacturing process, gives bitrh to unique scarves.
Fashion has no border et INOUI dazzles us by the alliance between the modernity of his « French touch » and its influences from India where tissues are made.
INOUI is an androgynous brand, ideal if you want simplicity or a an original touch. Everyone will enjoy changing and exchanging its favorites.