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Damselfly Quote Candles

We love candles and we love a good quote, so it made perfect sense to stock this inspiring range of hand made, soy based candles. Damselfly Quote Candles are fragranced with delicate, natural aromatherapy and essential oils, and timber wicks, which do not require any trimming, that softly crackle like a fireplace.
The natural, low melt wax blend and quality oils mean our candles burn at lower temperatures allowing the fragrance throw to be effective until the end of the candle.
Damselfly Quote Candles are individually hand poured into handmade glass bowls with wooden lids, designed to be recycled as a jewellery box. When the candle has burnt out just pour hot water into the glass bowl to remove any wax and you can use it as a jewellery box.
Fragrances exclusively designed by Damselfly
Limited edition runs of all quotes.
Damselfly Quote Candles are handmade in Melbourne.

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