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By Charlotte

Launched in 2012, cult jewellery label By Charlotte is inspired by renowned make up artist Charlotte Blakeney’s passion for making women feel and look beautiful.  Currently based in Sydney, this spirited jewellery label started with the Lotus flower. Used throughout Charlotte’s range, it is a symbol of purity and new beginnings and is central to the cultures Charlotte admires most and represents the essence of By Charlotte. A reflection of Charlotte’s own pared-back philosophy, each collection is symbolic and meaningful, making By Charlotte the perfect design for those wanting a spirited and distinctive piece to treasure for a lifetime.

Renowned for its use of exotic stones from ruby garnets to amethysts and peridots, By Charlotte sources its gems from the picturesque pink city, Rajasthan. Made in sterling silver and plated in 18kt gold, By Charlotte has now expanded the line to include solid 9kt gold pieces in her Lotus Star collection.

Le Specs Just Landed at Zinc!

The Le Specs brand has been an icon since the mid 1980’s and became synonymous with everything ‘Euro chic’. Taking on the core values and re-interpreting them into a successful formula of fashion-forward pieces at an affordable price, Le Specs was re-launched in 2006 using sixty percent of the original moulds that earned the label its iconic status. The Le Specs name has garnered a cult following not only as the must-have eyewear accessory adorning the likes of Rihanna and Beyonce, but as a true trendsetter in the Australian and global fashion industry. Teaming up with bold designers and artists, such as henry Holland and Craig & Karl, for collaborations has seen Le Specs continue to push boundaries around design and achieves that ‘air du temps’ so desired in the fashion realm.

Trollbeads ‘Hematite’ Collection

Hematite is used to stimulate the wish of peace, self control and inner happiness. A blue personality is associated with harmony, spirituality, honor and loyalty.

These genuine natural materials are absolutely unique. They vary in color and have unique inclusions and features that show their great age and natural beauty.

Just In… The Rubz

the Rubz is a design and trend setting enterprise, with focus on a timeless sense of luxury, durability and originality.

A unique combination of natural silicone and 316 grade stainless steel links woven together to a luxury unisex fashion bracelet fitting to any occasion. RRP $59.95


  • 100% elastic colored silicone
  • 316-Grade Stainless Steel,goldplated

Trollbeads ‘NEW HORIZONS’ Just Released!

Dream yourself to a better place – to the land of make believe.
A journey of fun and a deep dive into the ocean where mermaids are dancing on the seabed.
And remind yourself to make the most of every day with our new wise sayings.

New Limited Edition Glasshouse Candle ‘Verona’

Scribbled love letters. Romance that lasts forever. Verona captures the passion of falling in love with the eternally romantic scents of Spicy Rose, Strawberry Leaf and Pink Amber for an irrefutable sense of lust. RRP $42.95

“There is nothing more romantic on Valentine’s Day than receiving a dozen roses, unless you’re receiving a Glasshouse Fragrances Candle that smells like a dozen roses.

When creating this fragrance I was swept away to Verona, one of the world’s most romantic destinations. Where the walls are littered with love letters and sweet nothings.”

Nicole Eckels – Co-Founder & Creative Director.

Valentines Day 2015

To celebrate Valentines Day this year Trollbeads have released 3 limited edition silver beads (Cupid, Hearts Galore, Guardian of the Hearts) & a coloured kit (Love Symphony).

The Noosa Amsterdam Mid Brown Shopper worn by Nina Proudman

Offspring’s Nina Proudman (Asher Keddie) has sported the Noosa Amsterdam Mid Brown Shopper in the last few episodes of the Channel Ten show.

The bag is made of 100% naturally leather. A one-of-a-kind accessory that becomes more beautiful over time. The shopper can be personalised with max. 5 chunks (decorative buttons). It also comes in a grey, as well as a a clutch and wallet.
To view the range follow the link below:

Nicole Fendel featured on Channel Ten’s ‘Offspring’

‘Discover Your Dreams’
The Nicole Fendel ‘Discover Your Dreams’ pendant worn by Nina Proudman on Channel Ten’s ‘Offspring’

Discover your dreams and continue to follow them. A beautiful gift for a friend beginning a new adventure or a perfect reminder for yourself. The stunning combination of mixed metals gives it a beautifully unique touch that can be layered with other charms. Available in a pendant, ring or cuff.

View the range here!

Mother’s Day Special

Zinc is offering a Mother’s Day Special. Receive 10% off Von Treskow’s Big Mama Bracelet. Offer ends on Mother’s Day 2014.
Use Coupon Code: mama2014

The Big Mama Bracelet is available in both silver and gold.

Happy Mother’s Day! xx

Damselfly Quote Candles

We love candles and we love a good quote, so it made perfect sense to stock this inspiring range of hand made, soy based candles. Damselfly Quote Candles are fragranced with delicate, natural aromatherapy and essential oils, and timber wicks, which do not require any trimming, that softly crackle like a fireplace.
The natural, low melt wax blend and quality oils mean our candles burn at lower temperatures allowing the fragrance throw to be effective until the end of the candle.
Damselfly Quote Candles are individually hand poured into handmade glass bowls with wooden lids, designed to be recycled as a jewellery box. When the candle has burnt out just pour hot water into the glass bowl to remove any wax and you can use it as a jewellery box.
Fragrances exclusively designed by Damselfly
Limited edition runs of all quotes.
Damselfly Quote Candles are handmade in Melbourne.

Buy them right here at Zinc Shop:


Coming together as one flock to support a cause. A delicious blend of Grapefruit, Cherry and Lemon. Like sipping Pink Lemonade on a warm afternoon surrounded by friends. This Mother’s Day, Glasshouse Fragrances and the McGrath Foundation have collaborated to bring you a ‘pink candle for a cause’.

5% of recommended retail price ($42.95) less GST from this candle will go towards the McGrath Foundation to fund McGrath Breast Care Nurses in communities right across Australia and increase breast awareness in young Australians. Use the Candle for a Cause hashtag – #PinkCandleForACause

Fragrance Description
Top: Cherry, Pink Grapefruit, Berry.
Middle: Rose, Lily of the Valley, Lemon.
Bottom: Musky, Vanilla.
Fragrance Family Fruity

Buy here on the Zinc Shop:

Inouitoosh Scarves

Imagine a brand whose essence is to share with us its love of materials and to allow everybody to access to the beauty of a unical knowledge.
Then, imagine two women, two friends, two destinies, two personnalities, gathered by one desire, creating in another way.
Far from the madness of the great capitals, Lise and Mathilde imagine and draw the collections. They create together the brand which all of us were dreaming in the secret : INOUI.
In their worshops from La Baie de Somme, they find the prints’ inspiration and the news of each season.
Their love of natural materials and their requirement for the respect of milenary manufacturing process, gives bitrh to unique scarves.
Fashion has no border et INOUI dazzles us by the alliance between the modernity of his « French touch » and its influences from India where tissues are made.
INOUI is an androgynous brand, ideal if you want simplicity or a an original touch. Everyone will enjoy changing and exchanging its favorites.


This season TRIWA has focused on extending the assortment of stainless steel watches, by adding two new Lansen watches in shiny gold and brushed gun metal. They have also added Lansen Chrono a neat, sophisticated chronograph, with signature round hour indexes and date function at 4h. It comes in four colours, all with radially brushed dials and sub dials, and a large variety of straps ranging from a dressier link bracelet to a sporty canvas strap. But TRIWA wouldnt be TRIWA without some colourful additions to the collection.

The brightest shining star might be a golden Niben with bright purple detailing and a double wrap strap in vibrant purple canvas and organic tan leather. Its joined by a more subdued stainless steel Niben with a sky-blue canvas strap. Its a diverse selection of timepieces, with a deep spectrum of colours, material, textures and detailing, playful yet sensible.

Nancybird Autumn Winter 2014

Nancybird is a Melbourne based accessories label, focussing on quality materials and playful, thoughtful design. Much of the Nancybird Autumn Winter 2014 range has been hand printed by local Melbourne makers. All leathers are custom made in Korea in gorgeous seasonal colours. The collection has a distinctively Australian feel, using raw, earthy materials with influences from Africa, Japan and Central Europe. But especially influenced by being right here in Melbourne town.

View the whole Nancybird range here. Our favourite Nancybird product is the Bedford Wallet which comes in a variety of colours from Powder Blue, Acacia, Whisky and Mustard.

Trollbeads Spring Collection

We are proud to announce the launch of a collection that takes you to exotic places and brings you a taste of mystery. Explore Arabian Nights and Hanging Gardens.

Trollbeads Spring Collection is inspired by the richness of an ancient culture – the mystery, the heat and the heart od Aladdin’s Arabia.  The dromedary elegantly placed on a shimmering pink glass bead. The snake is also present as a powerful symbol in many cultures. Above all, flies the Falcon. One is flying in Sterling Silver, sending a message of love. The other with beautiful eyes that see things humans cannot, also in Sterling Silver and placed on a deep purple ruby. Inspired by the hot wind Scirocco, that blows from Northern Africa, carrying sand from the Sahara, these sparkling glassbeads came to life. A little magic by nature..

Hanging Gardens
The Hanging Gardens of Babylon are considered one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World and are surrounded by mystery and legends. A luxuriant inspiration for their Spring Collection.
Sparkles in delicate turquoise in the Ancient Palace, glitter in royal blue in the Fountain of Life and shimmer elusive, fresh green in the Oasis. The new lock Sun Moon Stars reminds you that life goes on as a glimpse of time under the great elements of the universe.

Glasshouse Fragrances Hong Kong ‘Double Happiness’ Candle

Day meets night, east meets west; the mysterious fragrance of Green Tea fills the bustling streets of Hong Kong. Diverse with endless possibilities, let your senses run wild. Two Limited Edition designs have been created. One represents the vibrant Hong Kong days where markets bustle with excitement, the other glamorous Hong Kong nights that come alive with neon splendour. Each Glasshouse Fragrances Hong Kong Candle is filled with the fragrant scents of Green Tea and Magnolia. $42.95